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He is working on the pediatrics Neurology to better his patient's lives, especially the ones that he loves the most, children.
There is a Television documentary being processed as we speak to show his hard work and follow him through his life of true care giver.
Please join this journey to the center of his heart and existence.
He will be traveling to new places so he can further broaden his horizon, and to improve upon his knowledge.

This site depicts Dr. Golgoon's  professional and  personal life.
He has been a great physician, human being and a father.  The size of his heart is unimaginable.
He has been a man beyond his time with unequivocal honesty and integrity.  His visions are unsurpassed.
  Houshang Golgoon, MD
Man of the highest honors.
Physician extraordinaire. 
A true student of life.
A  perfect role model to his son.
A man of all seasons.
One of the kindest human beings.
A loving husband.
A true friend.
A futurist.
A visionary man.
This site is dedicated to bring a general understanding of his hard work to heal, improve, and help the human race to reach itís full potential. Furthermore, we explore his interests and passions in life

Houshang Golgoon, MD has been an extraordinary man throughout his life.  Practicing medicine is only one way that he has positively touched so many lives.

Dr. Golgoon,

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